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4eTurnTracker will continue to be hosted by Launchpad. Here you may download the lastest builds of the program (version 2.0.12) and you have access to the source code of the project.

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4eTurnTracker continues to be a popular program, even though many are playing 5e these days. However, I am no longer using the program myself so I plan to invest the money I spend on this site into a new project! :)

Thanks, and all the best to the fans!

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4eTurnTracker Release Notes
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2.0.13 - Not yet release

RN216: Resolved TO-DO 102: Display class and role in PC Stat block (a contribution by Frank Scholl).

2.0.12 - 2013-06-15

RN215: Removed monsters and characters from the selection when creatures are no longer in the list due to paging through the history. This lead to the effect that the creature was visible in the Selected Creature widget, but not in the initiative list.

RN214: Removed notification that the program is old, and may require update.

RN213: Fixed crash that occurred when the C&E dialog is opened and the initiative list is empty.

2.0.11 - 2013-01-23

RN212: Improved tracking of power usage, so that only powers that need to are reset on short or extended rest.

RN211: Fixed problem with changing combat stats (e.g. HP total) while a character is in the history.

RN210: Fixed bug in rename, and problems when changing stats of a Character that is in an encounter.

2.0.10 - 2012-12-02

RN209: Fixed KI54: The program crashes if you go to the Miss tab, and select half-damage, then go to the Hit tab, and add damage.

RN208: Fixed KI53: Changes to characters that are listed as Party members are lost after restart.

RN207: Fixed KI52: A comment (or damage type) is not added to Regeneration or a Bonus. For example you may want to add the comment 'When bloodied' to regeneration.

RN206: Fixed a bug when renaming a party member (i.e. a character that has been added to the initiative list).

RN205: Fixed some bugs in the display and usage of traps, including: Kobold Miner was incorrectly identified as a trap, traps with 0 or 1 HP are indicated as Traps (not as a minion) in the Health column and only traps with >0 HP can be 'Disabled' (same as Dead for other creatures).

RN204: On the Mac, the short-cut CMD-L is now used instead of CMD-H (to show and hide a creature) because CMD-H is used to hide the application.

RN203: Added a hint field at the bottom of the Programmable Powers version of the Condition and Effects dialog. The hint field gives instructions when using a power that has already been prepared or programmed. As before, you use CTRL-G to move between fields that need input when using a power. The hint field now provides instructions as to what needs to be done during each step. For example: enter damage amount, select effected creatures or to hit ENTER when you have been through all steps.

RN202: Fixed a crash when loading a "missing" Monster from the history with parenthesis in its name.

2.0.09 Beta, Build #7159 - 2012-10-31

RN201: Fixed a crash when loading history. I believe the crash was related to a previous error which occurred when a monster name contained parenthesis.

2.0.09 Beta - 2012-10-30

RN200: Improved the selection of items in the pick boxes when using CTRL-G to move to the important fields when using a power. In particular, the program will now select the right-hand side pick box, if too many (or the incorrect) targets have been selected.

RN199: Improved stability and speed of moving around in the history.

RN198: Fixed bug KI49: half-damage specified in the Miss area was not always working correctly. When re-using a power, the miss damage was incorrectly set to 1/4 of the hit damage.

RN197: Fixed bug KI50: Improved the automatic selection of targets in both the Hit and Effect areas. Now, targets are picked automatically if the specification of the targets does not permit any choice. This is only possible when the minimum number of targets is set to a value greater than zero. For example, if you specify that the target is "Self", and the number of targets is one, then the program will automatically select the "self" target for you (self, is always the creature using the power).

RN196: Fixed bug KI51: Target can now be specified as "Self or nobody" (i.e. so that choosing Self as target is optional). This is done by setting the target to "Self" and the number of targets to "Zero to one". The same applies to "Current Creature" as target. Previously, selected Self or Current as the target, forced you to pick a target.

RN195: Power are now always click-able when you mouse-over in a Stat Block. Previously, powers were not click-able if the power type: At-Will, Encounter, Daily, etc was unknown. What made things worse was that when Editing the power header, such powers were shown to be At-Will powers. This has been changed so that you can see that the power type has not been set.

RN194: Bug fix: handle case correctly when parenthesis are in a monsters name. Previously, such a monster was marked as missing after restarting the program, if the monster was recorded in the history.

RN193: Bug fix: name of monster display in Player Ticker instead of the monster's alias name.

RN192: This version provides separate binaries for Mac OS 10.4 with PowerPC, and Mac OS 10.5 (or later) on Intel processor. The split allows the use of the Cocoa API's for the x86 version, which fixes crashes of the Universal Binary on Mac OS 10.8.

RN191: Fixed a crash which could occur when changing the data location.

2.0.08 Beta - 2012-10-16

RN190: In the Programmable Power Dialog, selecting "Add Power..." or "Add Action..." will no longer clear effects already selected, as long as no Power or Action was previously selected. So, for example, if you enter a number of effects, and then decide you would like to save combination, you can select "Add Action...", and save the effects as a named action.

RN189: Changed the usage of Healing Surges is specified in Healing effect in Programmable Powers Dialog. A single popup replaces the previous popup and checkbox. Functionality now includes the possibility so specify: "Gain HP as if you spent a Healing Surge". The following is a complete list of options: restore or lose all Healing Surges (HS), gain 1 or 2 HS, lose 1 or 2 HS, Spend 1 or 2 HS and Gain HP as if 1 or 2 HS Spent.

RN188: In the Hit and Effect areas, the Damage effect now has a popup with items "1/2 Damage" and "1/4 Damage", which can be used to quickly halve or quarter the damage applied (shortcuts H and Q). This popup replaces the checkbox labelled "Halve damage".

RN187: Fixed bug: Half Damage on Miss was not working correctly.

RN186: Added support for translations. The File menu now includes and option "Import Language File...". This opens a dialog in which you can select a translation (.ts) file. Translation files for various languages will be available from this Web-site. All you will need to do is download the latest translation for your version of 4eTurnTracker, and import. If a translation is not complete, it can still be imported, but the missing translations will be displayed in English. Anyone can open a translation file using Qt Linguist and complete or update a translation. To make the updated translation available to other users it must be posted on this Web-site. This can be done by contacting me directly.

RN185: Fixed bug: multiple clicks on power links (in Stat Blocks) lead to a crash.

RN184: Fixed bug: the identification of changes in previously imported .monster files was not working correctly (Monster Manager Window, Import tab). When the file has changed outside of 4eTurnTracker it is marked with a little yellow star. A green tick indicates already imported files.

RN183: The Extended Rest button was labelled "Extended Rest...", which is incorrect because the action is executed immediately (no dialog).

RN182: Fixed bug: Selected creatures (in the Main Initiative List) removed from an encounter remained selected.

RN181: Fixed bug: the lists in the Pick Encounter and Add Monster dialogs did not expand to use all available space.

RN180: Fixed bug KI48: Characters with names containing " (", for example: "Raistlin (Red Robes)", are mistaken for a monster when the history is read on restart. Note, if a character with this name is not found (because the character is really missing), then the creature will be assumed to be a monster.

RN179: Fixed bug KI47: Using the number of the End Condition in the Programmable Powers Dialog, selects the correct item but the end condition is always "Ends Special".

1.5.09 - 2012-09-14

RN178: Updated history log reader to read 2.0 events. This makes a downgrade from 2.0 to 1.5 possible. However, if you save character or monster data, the 2.0 programmed power data will be lost. So, I recommend making a backup of your '4eTurnTracker Data' folder before you downgrade.

2.0.07 Beta - 2012-09-11

RN177: The splitter positions in the Character Creator and Monster Manager windows are now saved to the preferences.

RN176: Clicking on a power in a creature Stat Block is no longer disabled while the Conditions & Effects Dialog is running. Selecting a new power automatically cancels the previous dialog.

RN175: Added the CTRL-G short-cut to the Programmable Powers Dialog. This short-cut moves the focus to each field that needs to be updated in order to use a programmed power. This includes the selection of targets, and effected creatures, followed by the input of damage, or healed HP. Finally it focuses in the "OK" button. The "GO" button at the bottom of the dialog indicates the number of "steps" that need to be taken in order to complete the dialog.

RN174: The targets for an attack can now be specified or changed in the Programmable Powers Dialog using the "pick list" at the bottom of the dialog frame. If you flip to the "Miss" rider, you can specify which of the targets were missed, and when the "Effect" rider is current you can pick the target creatures for the selected effects.

RN173: Added an "Effect" tab to the Programmable Powers dialog. This can be used if a power has an effect on creatures that are not targeted by the power. It is possible to select separate targets for the attack, and for the effect.

2.0.06 Beta - 2012-08-20

RN172: Some minor improvements to parsing of monster and traps, for example: the program is no longer confused when the title of a power contains the word Aura.

RN171: The arrow marking the current creature in the Player's window was missing.

RN170: Fixed mouse-over trap titles. After mouse-over, the trap titles were colored gray.

RN169: Moved 'Save Changes' button to the left of Windows.

RN168: Added "radiant" as damage type to the Programmable Conditions and Effects Dialog.

RN167: Fixed tabbing in main initiative list on Windows. TAB key now moves focus to the HP box in the toolbar, and back to the list.

RN166: Fixed bug KI44 and KI45: Fixed a crash in the initiative dialog that could occur if you switch between rolling initiative for monsters in a group, or for each individual.

RN165: Fixed bug KI46: Possible crash after saving more than one effect.

2.0.04 Beta - 2012-07-25

RN164: When setting an alias, the name of the creature is now selected by default.

RN163: Fixed the Non-Trackable Power button in the target selection dialog. Clicking this button, or selecting by selecting "Non-Trackable Power" in the target box when editing a power, you indicate that clicking on the power should not bring up the Programmable Power/Conditions & Effects dialog. The program will still continue to track usage (encounter, daily, etc.) of such powers.

RN162: Fixed highlighting of selected creatures in the main initiative list.

RN161: Loading .dnd4e files generated by the old, offline Character Builder now works. However, these files do not contain any details of the powers.

2.0.03 Beta - 2012-07-09

RN160: Fixed a crash when using Multi-damage in the Miss tab.

RN159: If you have selected effects in the Programmable Powers Dialog, and you elect to "Add Power..." or "Add Action...", the effects are no longer cleared.

RN158: Added a "Save Changes" button to the Programmable Powers Dialog. This allows you to save changes you have made to a power, without applying the powers effects.

RN157: Fixed all known issues in 2.0.02.

2.0.02 Beta - 2012-06-27

NOTE: Version 2.0.02, can roll damage, but is not able to roll "to hit"! This will be added to a later 2.0 release.

RN156: Powers displayed in Stat Blocks now have a compact display mode. The power in each section: "Standard Actions", "Minor Actions", "Triggered Actions", etc. can be displayed in compact or standard mode. In compact mode, only the Power titles are displayed. In standard mode, the Power is displayed with all details as normal. The icon in the section title line can be used to switch between modes. By default, Character Powers are display in the compact mode. This is because, at higher levels, characters have a lot of powers (and, the details of the powers is of less interest to the DM). The Character powers are also displayed in alphabetical order. Monster powers are displayed in the order they are found in the imported Stat Block, as before.

RN155: Party members can now be monsters. This is convenient if you want to, for example, make an NPC or an animal (e.g. companion or familiar) part of the party. You can do this by adding/importing the monster in the Character Creator window. You can also copy and paste a monster Stat Block (from a PDF or D&D Companion) into the text box in the "Stat Block Text" tab. To create a new party member in this manner, first click the "New" button and then check the "Stat Block writable" checkbox.

RN154: The Character Creator now has a "Add From File..." button. Use this to quickly import monster and characters you have created using the online D&D Adventure Tools (export as .monster files) or the online D&D Character Creator (which exports .dnd4e files).

RN153: You can now duplicate and modify existing powers and also add new powers to both monster and PCs. These additions, as well as the programming for powers (see below) is stored in the Stat Block or XML file in a special "TurnTracker" section. This means you should be careful not to overwrite the data stored by Tracker. If you have imported a .dnd4e or .monster file, then Tracker provides a way to update the imported data while preserving the additions you have made to the creature. In the Character Creator, use the "Import Changes" tab. In the Monster Manager, use the "Import" tab, to "refresh" imported data.

RN152: This version does a complete import of PC powers from .dnd4e files. Nevertheless the user must still "program" the effects of each power in order to use them in the program (this is done by adding various effects and end conditions in the Programmable Powers Dialog as described below). A later version will assist you with this task, for example: by setting the dice and damage type automatically.

RN151: A "Program Powers" tab has been added to the Character Creator window. Here you can add "programming" to the PC powers, outside of combat. The controls are identical to the controls in the "Programmable Powers Dialog".

RN150: Hit an Miss Effects: When applying effects in the new Programmable Powers Dialog you can specify different effects for both hit and miss results. If you select the Miss rider, then the program allows you to sort the targets into those that are hit, and those that are missed. The selected effects are then applied to the targets accordingly. A special handling for "Miss, half damage" is provided.

RN149: Multi-damage Application: In the Programmable Powers Dialog you can easily apply different damage amounts to a number of targets. Often you have an effect that causes damage to a number of targets but, due to bonuses, penalties or effects, the damage amount is slightly different for each target. In this case, the power you want to use and all targets as usual. The you enter the "base" damage amount in the field provided (if you are using a monster power, then the program can roll damage automatically). Now, if any target must receive an adjusted amount of damage, you click on the Multi-damage icon. Tracker will display the names of all the targets with a HP damage box for each. You can then TAB through the boxes, and adjust the damage amount accordingly.

RN148: Ongoing damage or regeneration can be marked as "Prompt before applying". In this case, a dialog will popup before the damage or regeneration is applied, so the DM can adjust the amount, or cancel the application of the effect.

RN147: Ongoing effects can be marked as sustainable (end conditions must be of the type "End/Start of Next Turn"). In this case, the DM is prompted before a condition is automatically ended.

RN146: Added the Select Targets Dialog. This dialog appears when you try to apply an effect or use a power, and no targets have been selected. If a power is to be used, the choice of targets will be limited depending on the allowed targets of the power, e.g. Allies, Enemies, etc.

RN145: Added the Programmable Powers Dialog. This dialog can be used in place of the current Conditions and Effects Dialog. The dialog allows you to select a power of the source (origin) of the effect. Alternatively you can select an "Action", which is basically a global power. You can then select the effects the power will have. This includes: damage, healing, ongoing damage or regeneration, standard conditions or custom conditions (free text), Penalties or Bonus to attack, defenses or saving throws and resistances or vulnerabilities. Each effect is added as a new line. All items can be selected using the keyboard (check the mouse-over tips for information on the keyboard shortcuts). You can also add end conditions that determine when the effects end. The end condition applies to the effects in the lines above. So it is possible to "group" effects with a single end condition. When you click OK on the dialog, the effects are applied and 4eTurnTracker stores the damage, effects, end conditions, etc. for the selected power. These will be automatically displayed, then next time the power (or action) is selected.

1.5.08 - 2012-04-11

RN144: Fixed Bugs KI32 and KI35: Display of Monster broken when a modified .monster file is imported, or if the portrait is set.

1.5.07 - 2012-04-08

RN143: Removed expiry date. Instead, program brings a warning on startup which recommends downloading an upgrade when the program is older than 150 days.

RN142: Fixed bug: End condition drop-down in the Conditions and Effects dialog was not been enabled correctly.

1.5.06 - 2012-04-06

RN141: Added "tooltips" to the columns of the main Initiative List.

RN140: Implemented Alias names for Monster and Characters

Alias names can be set and edited using "Set Alias..." from the context menu in the main Initiative List. They can also be edited in the Stat Block of the creature (but not added here). You can also specify an alias for a monster when you setup the Encounter.

The following TO-DOs have been implemented:
085: You can now hide monster names in the Players Window by specifying an alias (however, an alias cannot be blank).
077: Monsters can be specified as initially invisible in an encounter, and an "alias" can be specified, so that players do not see immediately who/what the are dealing with.
075: Rename monster in combat. Can be very useful, e.g. Rename a Zombie to "behind barrrels", or "attacking the thief" ...

RN139: Implemented 079: Allow application of conditions, outside of an encounter.

RN138: Implemented 024: Assign "special" as an end condition, for those condition/buffs/whatever that go away on some special situation.

RN137: Implemented 082: The Load Encounter dialog should remember your Adventure selection.

RN136: Fixed Bug KI27: Imported Monster files that do not have a ".monster" extension are not loaded after restarting 4eTurnTracker.

RN135: Fixed Bug KI30: Vulnerability and Immunity are not imported from .monster files

RN134: The name of the current creature is now bold.

RN133: Traps are "disabled" not dead. A trap without HP can be disabled by removing one hit point. Trap names are brown in the initiative list. A trap without initiative does not have a turn (is skipped automatically). Traps are not visible to the players.

RN132: Implemented Traps. Traps can only be imported by copy and pasting the text of a Trap Stat Block. For example from the D&D Compendium. (As far as I know, .monster files for traps are not available).

1.5.05 Beta - 2011-11-22

RN130: Fixed a bug in the XML parsing of the .monster files. The bug cause the Stat Block to display all zeros.

1.5.04 Beta - 2011-11-21

RN129: When loading from files in the 4eTurnTracker Data folder, creature names are modified to prevent duplicate names in the list.

RN128: The portrait area in the Monster/Character editor now reads "Click here to select a Portrait", when no portrait has been selected yet.

RN127: Added a new type of power symbol which indicates a melee or ranged attack. The power symbol is represented by an x and is used in WotBS #7 from EN World.

RN126: Added an "Init" and "Defenses" column to the main initiative list. The "Init" column contains the roll initiative value and the initiative bonus (if space allows). The "Defenses" column contains the 4 defense values. The columns can be shown or hidden by right-clicking on the column title area.

RN125: When focused on the HP box in the Toolbar, you can now use the ENTER key to damage (Hit!) the selected creatures. After usage, the contents of the HP box is no longer set to zero.

RN124: Added the Vryloka race (from Heroes of Shadow).

RN123: Fixed Bug KI126: Preview of changes to monsters during combat are no longer displayed in Player's Window.

RN122: Fixed Bugs KI124, KI125: Granting a healing surge to multiple targets now works correctly.

RN121: Added an option to hide the accumulated Damage and Heals display in the Player's Window. This option can be accessed from the context menu by right-clicking in the Initiative List in the Player's Window.

RN120: When picking a monster, of you forget to enter an ID, you will now be reminded by a popup. Previously the "Add" button was disabled until you entered an ID.

RN119: Automatic allocation of IDs to Monster in encounters in now much more intelligent. You can select from various number schema (1, 2, 3, ... or A, B, C, ... etc). You can specify if the generated IDs should be unique per group, of for the whole encounter. Top priority is given to trying to continue the numbering of the first Monster in a group.

RN118: You can now specify an Adventure for each encounter. This enables you to organize and pick encounters according to the Adventure.

RN117: Duplicate monster names is now handle by a popup dialog which allows you to edit the Monster name.

RN116: Added "New & Paste" button to the Monster Manage. This button creates a monster and automatically pastes the contents of the clipboard to the Stat Block input filed.

RN115: Implemented importing of Monster data from the .monster files.

1.5.03 Beta - 2011-09-25

RN114: Fixed Bug KI20: The program crashes when you select "Any Monster" from the Origin popup in the Conditions and Effects dialog.

1.5.02 Beta - 2011-09-22

RN113: Corrected spelling error! Loose -> Lose. Changed "Use Healing Surge", to "Spend Healing Surge" in some cases. Not in C&E dialog for space reasons.

RN112: Fixed bug: the temporarily changed AP value was not reset after changing selection to "Use Action Point" and back.

RN111: Powers in the Monster Manager are no longer clickable.

RN110: Fixed a crash on shutdown.

RN109: Change the way healing surges are specified in the Conditions and Effects dialog. It is now possible to set the Surge Value. Setting this value to zero allows you to remove healing surges without actually healing. When using a potion, for example, you can set the value to 10. It is also possible to grant any number of healing surges, if the target has less than max healing surges. If you select multiple targets, the healing surge popup will change, making it possible to grant a healing surge to a group, where each character regains HP according to his surge value.

RN108: The Monster Manager now calculates XP for an encounter for group sizes up to 12.

RN107: Fixed Bug KI19: Intelligence display is broken in the monster Stat Blocks.

1.5.01 Beta - 2011-09-15

RN107: Changed color scheme for Stat Blocks (for the better I hope!).

RN106: Added Insight to Stat Block display. Added a input field for Insight to the Character Creator. Fixed a bug that prevented Perception and Insight from being stored correctly in the Character file.

RN105: Fixed Bug: Clear History did not work correctly: the initiative list was not refreshed, creatures were not reset and a crash was possible if creatures still had conditions or effects. Clear History now brings a warning dialog if an encounter is in progress. Note that it is recommended to clear the history occasionally because the history must be read completely on each restart of the program.

RN104: Expiry time set to 150 days (previously 90 days).

RN103: Health column in the main initiative list now displays the current HP level, instead of the percentage health.

RN102: When creating an encounter you can now select the size of you party and the XP for the encounter will be displayed accordingly.

RN101: Added hotkeys for all actions, and a "Health" menu for the actions: "Apply Damage", "Apply Healing", "Use Healing Surge" and "Set Temp HP".

RN100: Monster power usage tracking: clicking on a power title, will "use" the power. Clicking again will "unuse" the power. The program marks a power as used by graying out the power text. The title of powers that are not at-will powers are also struck through. If the power is an at-will power, it will be automatically available again on the Monster's next turn. If the power is re-chargeable, the program will automatically roll a d6 at the start of the monster's next turn to determine if the power can be used again. The result of this roll is shown in the History. 4eTurnTracker also correctly manages monster powers that can be used twice per encounter.

RN99: TAB in the main window now switches between the HP box and the main initiative list.

RN98: Import of Stat Blocks from ENworld and Ryan Nock's "Zeitgeist". A peculiarity of the Zeitgeist Stat Blocks is the flavor text for Powers. Most of the time, 4eTurnTracker can detect the flavor text, and display it correctly.

RN97: Fixed Bug KI18: Dragging the widgets out of the Main Window can lead to a repeating crash on restart.

RN96: I have added the concept of Monster "default ID". When you create a monster, you can specify a default Monster ID by including an ID in the Stat Block text of the monster name, for example: "Kobold Skirmisher (K)". In this case, 4eTurnTracker will use this ID as the starting point when generating IDs for the Monster when it is added to an encounter.

RN95: Import of Stat Block from ENworld's "War of the Burning Sky" (by Ken Marable, Ryan Nock and Steve Muchow) modules now work correctly. Tricky is that these Stat Blocks reverse the usage of the power icons letters (M, m, R, r, O, o and C, c). Standard Stat Blocks from WotC use lower-case letters to indicate basic powers. The ENworld Stat Blocks uses the upper-case letters. 4eTurnTracker recognizes the ENWorld Stat Blocks from by the fact that the header contains a dot, and correctly displays the power icons.

RN94: Multiple selections now show the the Health levels of each creature selected. Changes to HP, HS and Temp HS, in the Conditions and Effects dialog show the effect of the changes immediately in the selection. Changes are applied permanently only when the dialog is confirmed.

RN93: Initiative can now be rolled for all monsters within a group. DM's can decide which groups of monsters will be rolled together or individually. An options is saved to make it easy to always roll for all monsters.

RN92: Fixed Bug KI17: Cancel the Short Rest dialog does not restore the Healing Surge and Hit Point levels changed in the dialog.

RN91: "Flattened" the Conditions and Effects dialog. This means that the dialog now appears in place of the main initiative list. I believe this will actually speed up usage of this dialog. It also makes it easy to see the contents of the Current and Selected Creatures widgets which are relevant to the Conditions and Effects applied. The Current Creature widget now changes to reflect the Origin source chosen.

RN90: Fixed Bug KI16: Marking a creature by "Any Monster" causes a crash.

RN89: Added Insubstantial and Phasing conditions.

RN88: Fixed Bug KI14: When there's a short rest after an encounter, and one character uses a HS, the number of AP's on the player window increases to 2. This fix also corrected the Checkbox behavior.

RN87: Fixed Bug: PCs in the Players Display were not correctly colored in blue, if there were hidden monsters.

RN86: Fixed Bug KI13: The "Next Turn" event of hidden monsters are shown in the ticker.

RN85: Fixed Bug KI15: Renaming a Character in the initiative list may lead to a crash. A "rename event" is now added to the History.

1.0.09 Beta - 2011-07-10

RN84: Added Resistance and Vulnerability to the ongoing affects that can be applied to creatures.

RN83: Added "Initaitive Up" and "Initiative Down" icons and menu items. These are used to adjust the order of initiative in the main initiative list. You can select one or more creatures and move them one step up or down in the initiative order.

RN82: When an encounter is ended, all remaining monsters are automatically removed.

RN82: Monsters no longer appear in the Players Display, if an encounter is not running.

RN81: Added input field for Perception in Character Creator.

RN80: When an encounter is re-loaded, the program will ask if the encounter should be "reset" if any of the monsters to be added have taken damage. Press cancel to load the monster is their current state. Note that you can use Load Encounter to add creatures that were previously removed from an encounter. Make sure that you do not reset the encounter in this case.

RN79: Creatures that die are no longer automatically removed from the encounter. However, they are removed from the players display. If visible, monster that have died will be shown in the Last Kills widget, as before. Dead creatures are greyed out in the DM's display, and are skipped automatically on "Next Turn". It is possible to go back in the history and allow a dead creature to actually take a turn if required. Dead creature are given an X icon in the main initiative list. Click the X removes the creature from the encounter.

RN78: Monsters and Characters can now be removed from an encounter at any time. Use the X icon in the button palette "Remove Creatures" item in the Encounter menu to remove all selected creatures from an encounter.

RN77: The Health column on the Players Display now shows accumulated damage to a monster, and also indicates how often a monster has been healed (Healing count). This is a potential controversial feature. However, accumulated damage is something players could determine themselves if they were to track the damage done to a monster. I assume the Healing count also makes sense because Characters would notice that a monster is being healed. DMs, let me know if you have any objections and I will make this feature optional.

RN76: The Health column on the Players Display now indicates Hit Point, Healing Surge and Action Point levels of the Characters.

RN75: When the DM is in the Short Rest dialog, the Player's Display is updated so the that players can see the changing HP and HS levels. The Character being edited as shown as the current creature in the "Your Turn!" widget.

RN74: Added a text field to the Conditions and Effects dialog. Entered text is considered to be a comment on any other ongoing condition (Weakened, Dazed, etc.) or effect (Penalty, Bonus, Regeneration or ongoing Damage) selected. If no other ongoing condition or effect is selected, then the text is assumed to describe the condition or effect itself.

RN73: When the DM is entering the initiative rolls of the Players, the player's Character is displayed in the "Your Turn" widget in the players window.

RN72: Fixed Issue KI10: If a character is fully healed, and you adjust the total Hit Points or total Healing Surges, the current values are now also set to the new maximum values. This also means that newly created characters no longer need to take an extended rest before the first encounter.

RN71: A bug in the Character Creator window caused the program to indicate that a character needed saving even after changes were reverted.

RN70: Added the editing of current Hit Points, current Healing Surges and Action Points in the Character Creator window. Changes to HP, HS and AP are now stored in the History, if an encounter is in progress. This ensures that the original health levels are displayed when the History is replayed (loaded). Note that this can lead to a Character being indicated as having unsaved changes after the History is loaded. For example, if you change the HP of a character during combat, and do not save the Character, then the character will be shown as having unsaved changes, then next time you restart 4eTurnTracker.

RN69: Fixed display which was not correctly updated after character data import from .dnd4e files.

RN59: Added new action types: Administer First Aid and Gain Healing Surge.

RN58: The actions Use Action Point, Total Defense and Second Wind can only be performed on the target creatures turn.

RN57: Only allow Second Wind to be performed once per encounter.

RN56: Fixed Issue KI9: The display of Action Points was broken. When an encounter is not running it shows how many are available. When an encounter is running it will display how many have been used from the total.

RN55: The Short Rest dialog now uses a different format, which makes it easier to understand what is going on. It displays all relevant information: Surge Value, Surges available, Total Surges, Current HP, Maximum HP. The total HP after healing is color coded: red means bloodied, blue means less than Max HP, black means fully healed.

RN54: Fixed an error in the Stat Block text parsing. It was assumed that a Power title could not contain a '.' character. The "Darom Madar, Lesser Oath Wight" in the D&D Compendium is a counter example.

RN53: In the Monster Manager: the New, Delete and Add button for monsters is now always visible (not just when the Edit tab is selected).

RN52: Fixed Issue KI8: In the Character Creator edit panel, the CHA edit box incorrectly display the INT value.

1.0.08 Beta - 2011-04-28

RN50: Bug fix: The program may crash if you have a multiple selection, and then a number of Creatures die.

1.0.07 Beta - 2011-04-27

RN49: Creature selection: a number of improvements have been made to the selection of creatures in the main initiative list:

  1. Left-click selects a single creature, and right-click selects multiple creatures. Right-click will toggle the selection of one creature.
  2. Clicking in the Health column will select the Hit Point box on the Tool Bar (in addition to the action in (1) above). You can then immediately enter a value or use the arrow keys to adjust the value up or down.
  3. Clicking in the Name column will cause the keyboard input to focus on the list box (in addition to the action in (1) above). Up and down arrow can then be used to change the selected monster. Shift-up and Shift-down can be used to extend the selection in the upwards or downwards direction.
  4. Left-click in the Conditions and Effects column will bring up the Conditions and Effects dialog with the selected creatures as targets.
  5. Right-click in the  in the Conditions and Effects column will bring up an context menu. A menu item allows the current creature to mark all selected creatures.
  6. Shift-left-click extends an existing selection to the row on which you click (this feature was in previous versions).
  7. Double-click on a creature will select the creature, and bring up the Conditions and Effects dialog (this feature was in previous versions).

RN48: Stat Block Display: the Current Creature and Selected Creature widgets now display the complete Stat Block of all monsters, depending on how much details was provided when the monster was created. PCs are displayed as a Stat Block as well, but without powers. PCs are in Blue, and Monsters are displayed in green according to the standard.

RN47: Multi-selection: when multiple creatures are selected in the main initiative list, a list of headers is now shown in the Selected Creature widget (previously it displayed the full details of the top-most selected creature, which caused confusion).

RN46: Added the following details to PC data stored: abilities, alignment and languages.

RN45: Playing characters list entries are now in blue so they can be easily distinguished in the list from monsters.

RN44: Right click on creatures in the main initiative list now selects multiple monsters. When multiple creatures are selected the Selection Widget now displays a list of titles of the creatures.

RN43: Bug fix: XP values containing a decimal comma (for example XP 1,250) were not correctly identified.

RN42: The program now parses complete Stat Blocks and displays all Monster powers and other attributes. Stat Blocks in text form are accepted from all sources, including: D&D Online Compendium, the Adventure Tools (PC version) and Stat Blocks found in PDFs. Stat Blocks are displayed in the new Essentials format. To create a Monster, open the Monster Manager window. Click on the New Monster button. Then select the text of a Stat Block from any of the above mentioned sources (if you are using the Adventure Tools, then right-click on the Monster in the list on the left and select "Copy Text"), and paste it into the input field provided. Switch to the Stat view to check the result.

RN41: Bug fix: Sometimes the Conditions and Effects (widget) list did not refresh correctly when the selected creature changed.

RN40: Fixed Issue KI6: Using the "Hit!" button when an encounter is not running causes a crash.

1.0.06 Beta - 2011-02-27

RN39: The Condition drop-down list is now in alphabetical order.

RN38: Fixed Issue KI4: Ongoing damage was applied to the origin in place of the target! This bug was in 1.0.05 only.

RN37: Fixed Issue KI5: The Conditions and Effects list is now updated correctly when changes occur. This bug was in 1.0.05 only.

1.0.05 Beta - 2011-02-23

RN36: I bug caused additional stat block information (data not specifically used by 4eTT, including powers and attributes) to be ignored, and then lost if a creature is saved. This information is not correctly loaded and maintained.

RN35: Fixed Issue KI3: When a creature has an on-going effect, with save ends, and the end of return is repeated by going back in the history. on the second turn end, the dialog for save ends does not appear as expected.

RN34: The Set Encounter and Add Monster dialogs now have a "filter" field, which can be used to find an Encounter or Monster quickly by filtering the items shown in the list.

RN33: Added a "Last Kills" widget to the Player's window. The widget display the Portrait of the Monster killed and the name of the Character that killed the Monster.

RN32: Added a "Ticker" widget to the Player's Window. This widget displays the last few messages of the History (depending how many fit). Only messages that concern the PCs are shown. You can set the Font size of the widget by right-clicking on the widget, and selecting whether you want  to make the font bigger or smaller.

RN31: Added a "Your Turn" widget to the Players Window. This widget displays the Portrait, and details of the current creature. In the case of Monsters, only name and status are shown.

RN30: Added a "Truncate..." action to the History menu. This operations allows you to truncate the History log at the current position. This can be used if the end of the History is broken or corrupted. To fix such problems, truncate the log and then restart.

RN29: Added new Toolbar buttons and an "HP Amount" input Box (HP box). The Toolbar buttons are "Hit!", "Heal", "Surge" and "Trans HP" (Temp HP). Clicking in the "Health" column when selecting creatures automatically selects the HP box so that an amount can be entered immediately. Click one of the buttons, "Hit!", "Heal" or "Trans HP", in order to Damage, Heal or set Temporary HPs for the selected creatures.

Clicking the "Surge" button will place the Surge Value of the selected creature(s) on the HP box. It will also register that a Healing Surge must be subtracted from the selected creature(s). The amount on the HP box can be adjusted after clicking the "Surge" button, in case the a different amount of HP is to be granted. Clicking the "Surge" button will "de-register" the Healing Surge, and set the HP box to zero.

RN28: Bug Fix: Setting Temporary HP to a value less than the current Temporary HP level is now ignored. Previously the Temporary HP level was incorrectly reduced. The only way to reduce Temporary HP is by receiving damage. Note: this fix may affect the playback of old Histories. 

RN27: The contents of the Player's Window now automatically scale to fit the available space, making it much easier for the player's to read the display. The maximum font size used is 30, minimum 14.

1.0.04 Beta - 2011-01-23

RN26: In the Effects Dialog: click the Checkbox text, for example "AC", "Fortitude", "Reflex", etc. is the same as clicking the checkbox.

RN25: Bug Fix: Fixed the bug that prevented the reading of the History after an Extended Rest.

RN24: Implemented import of character details from Character Builder .dnd4e files. The program keeps a reference to the .dnd4e file, and can update character details during an extended rest. The portrait file specified in the .dnd4e file is also imported if found.

RN23: Floating widgets are now hidden when the Monster Manager or Character Creator windows are in the foreground.

RN22: Bug Fix: When adding a portrait to a monster. If the Monsters name was not on the first line, the portrait line was inserted before the name, which caused the Stat Block to be parsed incorrectly.

RN21: Portraits can now be located in any sub-directory of the 'Portraits' folder. 4eTurnTracker will automatically search all sub-directories to find an image. It stores the path to where the image was last found. This makes it easy to just drop a collection of counters into the Portraits folder and use them.

RN20: Implemented the Character Creator Window. This window presents a list of Characters, and allows you to Create, Edit and Delete Characters.

RN19: Bug Fix: When saving Monsters and Encounters: garbage was left at the end of the files, if the text saved was smaller than the original (for example, after deleting a monster from an encounter).

RN18: The name of the '4eTurnTracker Data' folder is now displayed as part of the main window title, if the folder is not called '4eTurnTracker Data'. The make it easier to tell which folder you are using if the name of the folder corresponds to your campaign name.

RN17: These is now only one 'Save All' and one 'Revert All' button which applies to all modified Monsters and Encounters. Deleting Monsters and Encounters can now be "reverted" until a save is done.

RN16: Monster Manager: prevents duplicate monster names.

RN15: Monster Manager: when you change the name of a monster, all encounters that reference the monster are now updated. And, when you delete a monster it is also deleted from all encounters.

RN14: Monster Manager: when you change the name of an encounter, the encounter is no longer collapsed.

RN13: The Monster Manager now recognizes if you undo changes to an Encounter and the 'Revert All' and 'Save All' buttons are disabled.

RN12: In the Monster Manager window, modified Monster and Encounters that still need to be saved are indicated with a "*" after the name in the lists.

1.0.03 Beta - 2011-01-04

RN11: New Mac system requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 or later, PowerPC or Intel processor (version 1.0.02 required Mac OS X 10.5 or later and Intel processor).

1.0.02 Beta - 2010-12-28

RN10: Added counters with permission from Fiery Dragon Productions, and changed the demo Monsters and Encounters.

RN9: Added Cover and Concealment to on-going effects. Since these state indicate penalty when attacking the target, no adjustment is made to the targets defences.

RN8: Added "Select All" open to the Pick Party dialog. The dialog has also been improved to indicate more clearly the difference when the encounter is running. When the encounter is running, Characters can only be added. When it is not running, it is possible to change the whole Party, but not possible to remove all Party members.

RN7: Remove the "Set..." button from the "Pick" dialogs . The button could be used to select a new Data directory. This option is not required because the Data directory canbe changed using the Menu option.

RN6: The Hit Point level in the Players Window now only shows 3 states: 100%, Hit (less than 100%), Bloodied (50% or less). This is more rule-conform than the previous implementation that showed progress in 10 steps.

RN5: ToolBar buttons have been sorted differently. There are now 3 different button palettes, which are movable (on Mac as well). Dividers have been used to separate buttons in different categories.

RN4: Added "All Defenses" and "Hit & Damage" buttons to Effects dialog. The buttons are used to quickly check and uncheck all checkboxes in those 2 categories.

RN3: The Effects dialog now show the effect of damage on the target creature (in the case of more than one target, then only for the first). It also indicates if the creature is Dying or Dead, after damage is applied.

RN2: AP-Resources now count down, like other resources (Hit Points and HS-Resources). As before characters can only use one AP-Resource per encounter. Monsters can use as many AP-Resources as they have.

RN1: Add the Monster Manager window. Monsters can be created by clicking the 'New' button, and then pasting a complete, unmodified Stat Block from the Compendium into the space provided. To select a picture click on the portrait frame of the monster. The image will be copied to your 'Portraits' folder. Add Monsters to an encounter by clicking the Right Arrow< button after selecting an encounter. The filters can be used to reduce the number of items in a list.

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