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4eTurnTracker TO-DO List
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This is a collection of suggestions for features that could be included in the program, in order received. I probably will not implement all this stuff, but I don't want to forget anything either.

Currently my top priority for the program is to provide a tool for the DM, not the players. A combat tracker can quickly end up causing more work for the DM rather than less. So I would like to avoid the temptation to track too much detail.

113: Add popup "reminder" for the DM when a character or monster is bloodied or has 0 HP. The text of the reminder should be set by the DM.

112: Add a tactics/encounter description and notes window.  DM could add missing trivialities of a monster or of an encounter (such as an event that should occur at a certain point).  Such a window might be as simple as a popup that the DM can dismiss when an encounter is loaded with a hotkey to bring it back up for quick reference.

111: DM Reminder Condition: When the condition ends, this condition produces a popup. The popup message is configurable and is intended to remind the DM of something.

110: Add a pop-up or notification for power recharging, similar to saving throws, which would allow the DM to override the result or notice when the power has recharged.

109: Add an option to hide player HP in player view, use same scheme as monsters get (full,hit,bloodied,dead/unconscious).

108:  Highlight the current creature in the Player's window somehow. The little arrow is difficult to see on small screens.

107:  Add an option to hide columns in the Player's window. If HP/HS is hidden, the fact that a creature us bloodied should be display using some other method, for example with an icon, or by coloring name red.

106:  Add an option to display the Defenses in the Player's window.

105:  Manage Skill Challenges.

104:  Make it possible to level up and level down monsters as described in the 4e DM guide on page 174.

103:  Allows sorting of PC powers by: Level, and/or At-Will, Encounter, Daily, Utility etc.

101:  Add a option to roll "to-hit", when the targets are selected before using a power.

100:  Allow a .dnd4e file to be added as a Monster.

099:  Add a list of which powers were used (Encounters/Dailies) by PCs to the Players Window.

098:  Loading a monster using the Add Monster button after the creature was used in another encounter brings up the monster with 0 hit points.

097:  Extract statistics from the history.log, for example:

  • Damage amounts, divided per round and subdivided per character/monster with the related target and the attack type that provides them.
  • Healing amounts, divided per round and subdivided per character/monster with the related target and the power that provides them.

096:  Add the possibility to adjust speed, abilities and skills to the effects of powers.

095:  When a creature is dying, it should fall prone. Currently the program has a character making saving throws, but if the character succeeds, or if the character is stabilized by a healer, the software removes the "dying" status, but doesn't apply "prone".

094: Add permanent bonuses to saving throws, vulnerabilities and resistances to PCs

093: Adjust damage, in the multi-damage boxes, according to current conditions, for example: resistances, vulnerability, or other adjustments to damage. A popup should show what adjustments have been applied, and which adjustments may be potentially applied, as it may not be possible for the program to determine this exactly.

092: Add warnings in the programmable powers dialog if resources are not available. For example, if a target does not have enough healing surges, actions points or second wind.

091: Add the option to a power to summon a creature or create a zone. Zone will be handled the same as traps. Both summoned creatures and zones may have an end condition.

089: Show monster tactics (relates to 088) from the .monster files.

088: Add Note fields that can be quickly added to all PC's and a world note field, for DM notes and constant world effects.

087: Add an additional nd6+# on top of the healing surge value.

086: Support Mac OS Lion full screen mode. (This will require creating 2 binaries for Mac because the feature is only available in Cocoa API: https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-21607)

080: Allow Monsters to be "stacked" (or grouped) in the initiative list. Monsters with the same name, and initiative would appear in one row. For example: Goblin (A, B and C), or Goblin x3 (A,B,C).

076: Add a "Turn Timer" widget to the Players's Window, maybe with an alarm function which can be set by the DM.

073: Make it possible to hide a condition from players.

072: Add a way to "undo" damage. This is useful in order to keep the damage tracker for the players accurate.

069: Add an option to mark a penalty to Saving throw as applying to the current effect only (not all effects).

064: In addition to the monster filter field add a filter for more info such as LEADER or SIZE or UNDEAD and so forth. The Adventure Tools are a good example: filter: Level, Main Role (Artillery, Brute, Controller, Lurker, No Role, Skirmisher, Soldier), Secondary Role (Standard, Minion, Elite, Solo).

063: [!] There are Stat Blocks which rolls a d6 for a different effect, showing the dice images (ie 1 or 2 then do this, 3 or 4 then do this etc. 4eTT should handle this. Example: Kobold Slinger, Stat Block displayed by the Red Box starter set.

057: Ignore number at start of name (and s at end, if number given). Add a count to the list of monsters in encounter display.

052: Make dice specification like "+8 vs AC, 2d6+4 damage" clickable. The program could then automatically roll dice and add up the result for the DM.

046: Add an option to display the current Creature at the top of the initiative list.

034: Add all skills to the players stats.

033: Allow monsters to be identified by a color.

029: Add a way to add/track Diseases. The difference is these are conditions that you roll a save for at extended rests instead of at end of encounters

019: Add automatic search for Portraits amongst all files in the Portraits directory. You can then drop in a collection of counters such as this (http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product_info.php?products_id=59450&filters=0_0_0_1300_0).


102:  Display class and role in PC Stat block.

081: Prepare the program for translation.

090: (2.0.07) Add an Effects rider to the Hit / Miss riders in the programmable powers dialog. Targets of the effects can be selected separately to targets of the attack. It should be possible to specify the "set" of targets, for example: self, an ally, enemies, etc.

085: (RN164, 2.0.04) Alias input box should default to the Monsters current name, if no alias has been provided yet.

084.1: (2.0: Supported in the new Programmable C&E Dialog) Effect "Groups": All effects add in the C&E dialog can be "grouped". This can be done by indicating "Save Ends All", for example. This will also have an effect on Sustaining effects.

084.2: (2.0: Implemented as decribed here) Grouped effects will be indicated by indentation on the Effects list of a creature.  The indented effects will be under a "heading" which indicates the end condition. Deleting the end condition deletes all in the group. Otherwise individual effects can be deleted.

084.3: (2.0: As specified below, this option is now available) Sustaining Effects: a checkbox in the C&E dialog will indicate if the effects are "sustainable". In this case, a popup dialog will ask if an effect should be sustained before it is automatically removed (for example on end condition "End of Next Turn").

084.4: (2.0: The DM may select to receive a alert before ongoing damage is applied) Ongoing Alert: an option will be provided in the C&E dialog that will cause a popup dialog to ask the DM before ongoing damage or regeneration is applied. The DM will have then have the possibility to change the amount of damage or healing, or to cancel it completely.

084.5: (2.0: The Programmable C&E Dialog offers a "multi-damage" options for applying damage, in which all targets are listed with an damage input box.) Multi-Damage: Often when a group of monster are hit, different damage must be applied, for example if one hit was critical, or a monster is bloodied, or a monster has resistance/immunity. The C&E dialog will provide an alternative way to enter damage, in which each target is listed with its own HP box. The DM can then quickly tab through the list and set the damage.

084.6: (2.0: The Programmable C&E Dialog is dynamic. You add lines each containing one effect element, e.g. condition, ongoing damage, healing, vulnerability, etc. If specified for a name power, then the effect elements are saved, and presented the next time the power is selected) Dynamic C&E Dialog: the C&E dialog will become more "dynamic". This means that it can change its form, depending on the preferences of the user, and on the power/action being performed. Dynamic elements will have an icon which can be clicked to bring up a context list which can be used to change the form of the element. For example, the end conditions can be changed to a list of buttons instead of a the drop-down menu. This will allow users with more screen space to actually use the screen space to improve ease of use. Dynamic elements may include:
Condition button list, instead of condition drop-down menu. The buttons should each have a short-cut. This will also make it possible to select multiple effects (effects buttons will be toggle). The user should be able to determine how many buttons appear in a row in order to fit the space for the dialog.
End condition buttons in place of the drop-down menu. Buttons a quicker when using a mouse, but by adding short-cuts for each button, keyboard users will also be quicker.
Multi-damage List: an option on the Damage controls will toggle to "Multi-damage" input mode for this C&E element where each target is listed with its own input box. The user should also be able to determine how many target creatures are listed in a row.
Damage Type: this optional element can be added to the dialog if space allows. It allows the DM to select the Damage types done. Immediate and ongoing damage should be separate.

084.7: (2.0: "Global" powers are called "Actions". Actions can be performed by all creatures. The power selected popup is available wherever a power can be "programmed" or selected: in the Character Creator window, in the Target Picker dialog (new in 2.0), and in the "Program Powers" dialog) Power Selector: The C&E Dialog will have a power selection drop-down menu. The powers available in the drop down menu will depend on the source Creature selected. All of the powers of the Creature will be displayed in the Drop Down. However, it is also possible to create "global" powers. These powers will appear in the power drop down list for all Creatures. The Drop down list will also include 2 special items: "Create PC Power..." and "Create Global Power...". A Creature power has a name, and a usage (At-will, Encounter or Daily)

084.8: (2.0: Importing PC powers has been implemented. Powers can also be added, and existing powers "duplicated". Duplication is required because some powers have variations or secondary effects which need to be added as separate powers at the moment. The DM can specify all aspects of a new power, including targets, usage, etc.) PC Powers: The DM can add powers to a Playing Characters. This can be done, by right-clicking on the PC's Stat Block ("Create PC Power..." will be an option on the context menu). Initially a power will only have a name, and a usage (At-will, Encounter or Daily). Clicking on the power will bring up the C&E Dialog. The power becomes the selected power in the C&E Dialog. At this point the rest of the "magic" will be done by the C&E Dialog Memory (see below). Note: importing PC powers from the .dnd4e files is not planned for 2.0, simply because this is quite a bit of work, and I believe that the C&E Dialog Memory feature is what will really save the DM a lot of time. And, I would like to get this feature out ASAP!

084.9: (2.0: All this is done by the "Programmable Powers C&E Dialog. The "classic" C&E Dialog is still available for users that wish to use it. However, I believe the programmable dialog is also faster for adding ad-hoc effects and damage, particularly if you use the keyboard short-cuts) C&E Dialog Memory: When in the C&E Dialog it will be possible to select a power of the source Creature (if you clicked on a power in the Stat Block of a creature, then this power will be automatically selected when you enter the C&E Dialog). Now, whatever you select or enter (besides actual damage amounts) in this dialog will be remembered by 4eTurnTracker. The next time you click the same power, the C&E Dialog will be automatically filled in. The C&E dialog will also remember which dynamic elements of the C&E dialog you activated for this power.

084.10: (2.0: You can specify the damage dice for a power, then the dice are "rolled" when the power is selected. This only makes sense for Monster powers as Character power dice tend to be more complicated (e.g. quarry dice), and it is also assumed that players want to roll the dice themselves!) Damage Dice: It will be possible to specify "damage dice" (number of dice, type of dice: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, plus modifier), and have the program roll the damage (note, hit rolling is not planed for 2.0). This can be done by clicking a dice icon next to a Damage input field. Setting the dice will also cause the dice to be rolled. If you have a power selected in the C&E dialog then Tracker will remember the damage dice for that power, and automatically roll the dice when you use the power.

083: (2.0: Damage type can be specified for immediate damage and ongoing damage. There are currently no plans to automatically adjust damage depending on resistances, etc. Problems: (1) It requires that all information is entered correctly, (2) if data is not complete, the DM may not know when the adjustment has been done and when not) Add damage type (particularly, from monsters to PCs). This should interact with the resistances and vulnerabilities of each PC and calculate damage automatically.  (e.g. If a blast deals 20 fire damage, and it hits 4 people, but one has resist 10 fire, it should automatically deal only 10 dmg to him while 20 to everyone else.)

078: (2.0: This can now be done by by adding the monster in the Character Creator window. Paste a monster stat block, or select a .monster file. Then you can change name and make other modifications.) Make it possible to turn a monster into an ally. The "Monster" becomes part of the party. Example: trained animals, or an NPC that helps the party.

074: (2.0: As mentioned below, the source popup includes all creatures in the encounter, the heros are listed first, in alphabetical order, then the monsters in alphabetical order) Expand the source drop-down menu in the C&E dialog to include all monsters if required.

071: (2.0: This is implemented by the new "Program Powers" dialog. You can add conditions to the list, and then follow this up with an end condition. The end condition applies to all effects above the end condition line.) Include a way to add multiple effects with there own termination conditions to the C/E dialog. For example, a button could be used to add effects to a list that are applied when the dialog is closed.

061: (2.0: The source popup now lists all creatures in the encounter) Add an option to add all monsters to the origin pop-up. This could be in the form of an option on the popup.

051: (2.0: A check box allows you to specify this in addition to the end condition - for condition like "end of next turn", but not "save ends") Add an option to extend an effect. For example, a power is sustained by Wizard, or an enemy is marked again.

049: (2.0: When "Programming Powers", save ends will end all condition list in the lines above) Add a new end condition: Save ends all. In this way the program will only require one saving throw for all conditions added in the Conditions and Effects dialog.

030: (2.0: Reads powers from .dnd4e files, and displays powers either fully or compacted - just power names, in alphabetically order) [!!] Display complete Character Sheet details, including PC powers, etc.

028: (2.0: You can now add conditions manually to powers - I do no plan to add "linked" conditions automatically) Automatically add linked conditions. For example, if a creature is grabbed they are also immobilized.

027: (2.0: Added to conditions list) Add Grants Combat Advantage as a condition.

025: (2.0: You can add "powers" with names, add a description and specify the effects) Feature for user-created conditions. It should allow you to name it and also put in a description text of what it does.

018: (2.0 Powers can be programmed to roll the damage dice) Automatically generate Hit and Damage (http://www.enworld.org/forum/4e-fan-creations-house-rules/297832-introducing-4eturntracker.html)

017: (2.0: You can add custom affects, positive or negtive) Add custom "Marks". There are certain types of special Marks like Shrouds that only provide an advantage to the character that applied the Mark.

085: Add an option to hide a monster's name in the Players window.

077: Encounter Design: Allow monsters to be specified as initially invisible, and allows an "alias" to be specified, so that players do not see immediately who/what the are dealing with.

075: Rename monster in combat. Can be very useful, e.g. Rename a Zombie to "behind barrrels", or "attacking the thief" ...

079: Allow application of conditions, outside of an encounter.

024: Assign "special" as an end condition, for those condition/buffs/whatever that go away on some special situation.

059: [!] Support Stat Blocks of traps and hazards.

082: The Load Encounter dialog should remember your Adventure selection.

072: (RN128) The portrait area in the Monster editor should read "Click here to select a Portrait", when no portrait has been selected yet.

070: (RN125) Don't clear the HP box on the Toolbar, when Healing or Damage is applied. This will make it easier to apply the same damage multiple times.

068: (RN126) Add an option to add a column with the 4 defense to the initiative list.

067: (RN125) When focus is on the HP box, ENTER should by like click Hit!

066: (RN118) Taking 055 a step further: add an option to determine how ID should be generated: for example "Abbreviation" (skeletal Blackguard would be SB1 etc), just single letter and number, two letters and number, letters and 2 digit numbers such as DK03, etc.

065: (RN118) In the Monster Manager, add a new top level to the encounter hierarchy. The new top level could be the adventure name.

062: (RN127) Module WotBS #7 from EN World contains a new type of power symbol (represented by an x), Creature: Rhuarc the Jaded Power: Double Attack.

060: (RN124) Add the Vryloka race (from Heroes of Shadow).

058: (RN115) [!!] Add support for the .monster XML format now used by the new online Adventure Tools.

056: (RN116) When creating Monsters, provide a "New & Paste" button which will create a monster and paste the Stat Block text. Then creating a monster will only require one click.

055: (RN119) When creating an encounter, once the first monster of a type has been named something like D1, adding more creatures of the same type should increment the number, not keep starting with A. That would save much typing in a large encounter.

054: (RN108, 1.5.02) Allow for larger groups when calculating encounter level. The popup goes currently goes to 8, but I have heard of groups of 10. I plan to have it go to 12. Let me know if your group is larger!

053: (RN109, 1.5.02) Add an option to just use a Healing Surge, without gaining Hit Points.

050: (RN95 and RN98, 1.5.01) Support Stat Blocks in modules from EN World.

048: (RN99 and RN101, 1.5.01) Add a hotkey to select the HP box on the Tool bar. Hotkeys for Hit and Heal would also be good. Increase the size of the HP box if possible.

047: (RN121) [!!] Add an option in the Player's Display to hide the Damage and Heal counts.

045: (RN102, 1.5.01) Calculate the XP for an encounter according to the size of the party.

044: (RN120) Improve the Add Monster dialog: use a pop-up instead of disabling the button, write the monster type next to the input field.

042: (RN103, 1.5.01) Add an option to display HP values to the Health column of the DMs display, instead of % HP [!].

041: (RN86, 1.5.01) Check the Player's History Ticker, it should not display items for hidden monsters.

040: (1.0.09) Planned for 1.0.09 (general usability improvements):

  • Add a text field for additional comments on on-going effects.
  • When the DM is in the Short Rest or Extended Rest dialog. Change the Players display so the players can see the HP and HS levels. Show the Character being edited as the current character in the Player's Window.
  • Add option to display Healing Surges and Action Points of characters in the players display.
  • Newly created characters must be considered to have had an extended rest.
  • Allow the number of current HP, HS and Action Points to be adjusted in the Character Creator window. Adjustments here have a direct effect if the character is in an encounter.
  • An option to display in players window the amount of damage taken by a monster. Also the number of times a monster has been healed.
  • Allows the DM to adjust the initiative order directly.
  • Make it possible to remove a monster from the encounter, not just hide it.
  • Characters must be able to join and leave an encounter.
  • Leave a dead creature in the initiative list, and allow the DM to "click" them away. Some monster come back to life!
  • Fix the action point tracking.
  • When re-loading an encounter, ask if the encounter should be reset (i.e. all monsters returned to full health).
  • Remove all monsters at the end of an encounter.
  • Hide all monsters from the players window until the encounter begins.
  • Add perception value for Characters.

039: (RN105, 1.5.01) When history is cleared, the health levels of the remaining creatures should be written to the new log.

038: (RN107, 1.5.01) Monster Stat blocks should use a gray scale color schema (I think the program uses too much color).

037: (RN94, 1.5.01) Show health levels for multiple selections.

036: (RN94, 1.5.01) Changes to HP, HS and Temp HS, in the Conditions and Effects dialog should register immediately (but only apply permanently if confirmed, of course).

035: (RN91, 1.5.01) Dialog boxes don't need to popup, they can simple appear in place of the main initiative list.

032: (RN93, 1.5.01) Add an option to roll individual initiatives for monsters [!].

031: (RN115) (See 058) Import monster stats from Adventure tools monster builder format.

026: (RN84, 1.0.09) Add Resists/Vulnerable 2/5/10,etc to the conditions list in the Conditions and Effect dialog. This can be used to track temporary Resistances and Vulnerabilities. (see also http://www.enworld.org/forum/4e-fan-creations-house-rules/297832-introducing-4eturntracker-4.html#post5599813)

023: (RN80, 1.0.09) A way to fully reset an encounter.

022: (RN83, 1.0.09 - Buttons added, dragging not possible) A way to reorganize the initiative list, maybe by dragging combatants to a different row.

021: (RN42) Display all monster stats for DM's.

020: (RN121) [!] Add an option to hide the Monster name from the players.

016: (RN100, 1.5.01) Track power usage. (http://www.enworld.org/forum/4e-fan-creations-house-rules/297832-introducing-4eturntracker.html).

015: (RN24) Import character: imports a .dnd4e character file to populate the "characters\charname.txt" files. (Thraug - EN World) (http://www.enworld.org/forum/4e-fan-creations-house-rules/297832-introducing-4eturntracker.html).

014: (RN20) Create a Window for creating characters (http://www.enworld.org/forum/4e-fan-creations-house-rules/297832-introducing-4eturntracker.html).

013: ( RN49) Apply affects using a right-click in the main Initiative list. For example, Marked. Use QMenu, and menu.exec(QCursor::pos()) on customContextMenuRequested() signal (http://www.enworld.org/forum/4e-fan-creations-house-rules/297832-introducing-4eturntracker.html).

012: (RN31) Add filters to dialogs for picking monsters and encounters.

011: ( RN7) Remove root (data directory) setting from dialogs (there is a menu option to set the root).

010: (RN74, 1.0.09) Add an optional note field to the Effects dialog that will be display with the history (e.g. Magic Missile, Intimidate check) (http://www.enworld.org/forum/4e-fan-creations-house-rules/297832-introducing-4eturntracker-2.html).

009: (RN9) Add Concealment, Total Concealment, Partial Cover, and Superior Cover conditions (http://www.enworld.org/forum/4e-fan-creations-house-rules/297832-introducing-4eturntracker-2.html).

008: (RN8) Add a "Select All" option to pick all party members in the "Pick Party" dialog (http://www.enworld.org/forum/4e-fan-creations-house-rules/297832-introducing-4eturntracker-2.html).

007: (RN103, 1.5.01 - In Health column it now says 'Minion', instead of displaying HP levels) Add an additional visual clue for minions (http://www.enworld.org/forum/4e-fan-creations-house-rules/297832-introducing-4eturntracker-2.html).

(RN31 - Your Turn widget) Players Window: show the portrait, and main details, of the current creature.

005: (RN79, 1.0.09) Add an option to leave dead creatures in the list (http://www.enworld.org/forum/4e-fan-creations-house-rules/297832-introducing-4eturntracker-2.html).

004: (RN6) Players Window: Show 100%, Hit, Bloodied and Dead

003: (RN103, 1.5.01 - Not required, the progress bar is read) Show bloodied HP in red in the main Initiative list.

002: (RN45 - PC colored in blue) List characters in bold in main Initiative list (difficult because of icons?)

TO-DOs - Not planned

001: Double click on portrait applies an effect

043: (There are no plans to allow editing directly in the initiative list) Double click on the Health column could allow you to "edit" the HP value in place. This could also be done with a click and drag.

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