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A D&D 4e Combat Manager

Please note: this web-site is going down on 28 April 2017!!!

4eTurnTracker will continue to be hosted by Launchpad. Here you may download the lastest builds of the program (version 2.0.12) and you have access to the source code of the project.

Cost of this Web-site is 120 EUR per year. I have added a Donate button below, in case you would like to contribute to the the upkeep of the Web-site beyond April 2017.

4eTurnTracker continues to be a popular program, even though many are playing 5e these days. However, I am no longer using the program myself so I plan to invest the money I spend on this site into a new project! :)

Thanks, and all the best to the fans!

- Paul McCullagh

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4eTurnTracker 2.0.06 Beta: Bug fix Release PDF Print E-mail
Written by Paul McCullagh   
Monday, 20 August 2012 09:14

Version 2.0.06 fixes a couple of annoying crashes in the Initiative dialog, and in the Save Ends dialog.

In the Initiative dialog, rolling initiative for individual monsters, as apposed to all in a group could lead to a crash. In the Save Ends dialog, if you saved more than one effect, this could also lead to a crash.

I have also made several minor improvements to the initiative list in the Windows version. In particular, you can now use the tab key to toggle between the initiative list and the HP box in the toolbar.

Further changes are listed in the release notes.

Last Updated on Monday, 20 August 2012 10:14
4eTurnTracker 2.0.04 includes bug fixes and minor improvements PDF Print E-mail
Written by Paul McCullagh   
Wednesday, 25 July 2012 21:17

Thanks to the many users that have contributed to 2.0 with bug reports and ideas for improvement.

With version 2.0.04, and previously released 2.0.03, I have fixed all know problems with the first 2.0 release. This includes a few crashing bugs.

Improvements in this release include:

  • Corrected of the high-lighting of selected creatures in the main initiative list (particularly on Windows)
  • Loading of .dnd4e files generated by the old, offline Character Builder now works (however these files do not include power details).
  • Added a "Save Changes" button to the Programmable Powers dialog, which allows you to save the power without applying it.

I have also added some good ideas to the TO-DO list. One that I would like to include in the next release is from user Michael, who suggested that I add an "Effect" rider to the "Hit" and "Miss" riders, that are already available in the Programmable Powers dialog. Then allow the user to select targets for the Effect independently of the targets for the attack.

This is to handle powers such as "Shield of the Gods" which has an attack that causes half damage on miss, and also has an effect that applies to self or an ally.

So thanks for that idea Michael! :)

Last Updated on Wednesday, 25 July 2012 22:04
4eTurnTracker 2.0 implements "programmable" PC Powers PDF Print E-mail
Written by Paul McCullagh   
Wednesday, 27 June 2012 20:53

Tired of typing in the same effects each time a Player Character uses a power? 4eTurnTracker 2.0 has the solution. The program remembers the effects you selected for a particular power and brings them up the next time you use the power.

I call this "programming" a power, because you specify elements like, damage, ongoing effects, vulnerability, etc. and end conditions, in lines, one after the other. These effects are then executed when you use the power. You can prepare the power "programs" beforehand, in the Character Creator window, or you can enter them in the new Conditions and Effects dialog, during combat. Of course, the Monster powers can also be programmed on fly which will save a lot of time when running an encounter.

You can also specify different elements for hit and miss. If you do this, you can sort the targets into those that were hit, and those that were missed. This enables you to handle hit and miss effects in one dialog, with just a few clicks (or hotkeys).

So that you don't have to type in all the powers manually, 4eTurnTracker now imports powers from the PC's .dnd4e file, which you can easily export from the Character Builder. For this purpose there is a new "Add From File..." button in the Character Creator window. Alternatively you can create a new character, and then switch to the "Import Changes" tab and select a .dnd4e file. In both cases, you go to the "Import Changes" to update a character that has already been created from a .dnd4e file (for example, after level up).

The new version also allows you to import a .monster file or copy and paste a monster Stat Block to create a character. This is a great way to add an NPC or a companion to the party.

The current version is Beta so please give it a try, and let me know what you think. Your input helps to make the program better! :)

Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 July 2012 18:03
1.5.08 Fixes broken .monster file update PDF Print E-mail
Written by Paul McCullagh   
Wednesday, 11 April 2012 07:43

4eTurnTracker 1.5.08 is a bug fix update that fixes a problem when changing already imported .monster files. The display was broken when setting the portrait or when a modified version of the .monster file was imported.

Thanks to the users that reported this problem so promptly! :)

1.5.07 Bug Fix Release: fixes End Condition drop-down PDF Print E-mail
Written by Paul McCullagh   
Monday, 09 April 2012 00:14

This is a small bug fix release to fix the problem in 1.5.06 with the End Condition drop-down selection box in the Conditions and Effects dialog. The selection box was not enabling all items correctly.

In this version I have also removed the expiry date. Instead 4eTurnTracker will present a dialog on program startup that recommends an upgrade, if the program is older than 150 days.

Last Updated on Monday, 09 April 2012 00:20
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