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Please note: this web-site is going down on 28 April 2017!!!

4eTurnTracker will continue to be hosted by Launchpad. Here you may download the lastest builds of the program (version 2.0.12) and you have access to the source code of the project.

Cost of this Web-site is 120 EUR per year. I have added a Donate button below, in case you would like to contribute to the the upkeep of the Web-site beyond April 2017.

4eTurnTracker continues to be a popular program, even though many are playing 5e these days. However, I am no longer using the program myself so I plan to invest the money I spend on this site into a new project! :)

Thanks, and all the best to the fans!

- Paul McCullagh

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How to help with a Translation PDF Print E-mail
Written by Paul McCullagh   
Saturday, 06 October 2012 13:33

Would you like to like to help with a translation of 4eTurnTracker? It's easy, but quite a bit of work. There are about 1000 strings that need to be translated in the program.

How to perform a translation:

  1. Contact me (*) and let me know into which language you would like to translated 4eTurnTracker. If a someone is not already working on that language, then you've got the job!

  2. Download the current translation (.ts) file for your language. If multiple files are available, please select the most recent file.
    If your language is not listed, then I will add it!

  3. Download and install the program: QtLinguist:

  4. Start QtLinguist, and open the .ts file. You can now begin the translation.
    Taking a moment to read the One Minute Guide to Using Qt Linguist will save you a lot of time!

  5. Testing your translation:
    You can test your translation any time in 4eTurnTracker, by loading it using the "Import Language File..." option on the 4eTurnTracker "File" menu.

  6. When the translation is complete, please send the .ts file to me, and I will post it on the translations list!

Thanks for your help!

(*) I will be on holiday until 15 October 2012. If you want to begin a translation, then go ahead, but please post a note on 4eTurnTracker Facebook page. This will ensure that you don't work on a translation that is already being done!

Last Updated on Saturday, 06 October 2012 14:13