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A D&D 4e Combat Manager

I just tried this tool. WOW!!!!!!!!  I've tried every 4e combat manager and this is by far the best. It has all of the features I'm looking for and the GUI is perfectly organized and easy to use.

No, I'm in no way affiliated with this tool or it's programmer. I just thought I'd give it a two thumbs up so others may benefit from it.

- User Thraug on Wizard's of the Coast's D&D Forum


4eTurnTracker D&D 4e Encounter Tracker
A Quick Look at 4eTurnTracker

Latest Release: June 15, 2013, Version 2.0.12

4eTurnTracker is a Combat Manager for D&D 4th Edition Encounters. The program runs on Mac and Windows with a clean interface that enables quick and easy control of all the action.

The program features include:

  • Copy and paste creation of Monsters from any source: PDF, D&D Compendium, Adventure Tools.
  • Prepare encounters and load them as required.
  • Run multiple campaigns by using different data locations for storage of monsters, characters and encounters.
  • Import of Character information from .dnd4e files (exported by the Character Builder).
  • Import monsters from .monster files, exported from the D&D Adventure Tools.
  • Control initiative order, including rolling initiative, delay turn and readied actions.
  • Tracking of all kinds of conditions and effects, and end conditions, e.g. Save Ends, End of Next Turn, etc.
  • Tracking of Hit Points, Temp HP, Healing Surges and Action Points.
  • Tracking of Power usage and automatic rolling of recharge.
  • Speed up tracking by "programming" Powers and Actions, before an encounter, or as you go along (version 2.0).
  • Apply Damage, Conditions and Effects to multiple targets at once.
  • A complete History allows you to undo any number of actions, or view the encounter at a previous point in time.
  • A Players Windows, allows the Players to follow the action on a second monitor.

The following screen shots (from version 2.0.07) take you on a quick tour of 4eTurnTracker.

Import monsters by just copying Stat Block text and pasting it into the box provided. Add monsters to encounters with a few clicks. Import character data from .dnd4e files, or enter the data yourself. Select portraits for characters and the monsters. Pick the party members before an encounter begins. During an encounter you can add party members if required.

Select one of your prepared encounters, before the action starts. Filter fields allow you to quickly find monsters and encounters. An encounter begins with the initiative dialog. Enter the rolls made by the players. Roll for monsters or accept the computer dice. The DM's Display. Left: the current creature. Right: the selected creatures (targets). Center: the initiative order.

Apply damage, healing, conditions and effects to one or more targets in one dialog, and specify end conditions. The Player's Display. Top left: the "Your Turn" portrait. Top right: the Kill List. The initiative list shows characters health levels. After the encounter, use the Short Rest dialog to heal up, and grant an action point if a milestone is reached.